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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the cost of having a video produced?
A: Costs to produce a video vary considerably depending on a number of factors, such as how many shoot days are required, travel costs & talent fees etc. As a general rule of thumb a corprate or web video runs to around $1000 to $3000 per finished minute.  Longer form productions such as seminars & events usually cost less per completed minute however.
+ Do we charge a fee for quotations?
A: The answer is no. All quotations are given without cost or obligation to you.
+ What do you need to do before we start?
A: The more information you can give us the better. Its always a good idea to prepare a written brief stating your aims & objectives, along with information on how/where you want the video to be used etc.  Dont worry, we will advise you on the best ways to make your project work.
+ Do we write the scripts?
A: We can provide a full scriptwriting service or we can assist you with your own script. We look at the project being a joint venture... you know what you want & we can show you the best way to acheive your goal.
+ What equipment do we use?
A: We have a large range of HD video cameras, all designed for different purposes. The latest LED lighting systems, sound equipment & of course editing stations. We can work in Premier Pro CC or FCPX. We can also provide film cameramen & we have access to a sound studio for voice over recordings.
+ How do we choose Voice Over talent?
A: We have access to many talented voice over artists. We generally short list a few suggestions & send you a link via email where you can listen & choose the sound/feel that you want. We also do the same with any music required.
+ Can you attend the editing process?
A: Of course you can. Our studios are located in Mulgrave, so we are easy to get to. We also understand that your work schedule may be very busy, so if you dont wish to attend we will cut the video according to your brief/script & send you via email an FTP link where you can download the approval clip & get back to us with any changes.
+ How do we deliver the finished video?
A: We can provide your completed video in many different ways depending on your requirements. This may be DVD or Blu-Ray, to a file suitable for Youtube or other types of broadcasting. Whatever your needs are we will make sure that the finished product is not only picture perfect but optimised for the best quailty & delivery.
+ Who owns the wild footage & project files after completion?
Thats simple... you do. Once you have paid for the work in full we can make available to you all the wild footage on a hard drive. Supply your own drive or we can supply one at cost to you.
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